Canary  Septic

Service for over 7 years.


From conventional systems to secondary waterwaste treatment systems, we install them all.  We have the tools and equipment to complete your job.  We are your septic system experts.

Repairs and Upgrades

It just takes a phone call to discuss your needs.   We will look at several factors before we begin to dig and insure that this is the system that meets all your needs.

Expert Advise

I have all the up to date certifications for   Private Sewage Systems for Alberta.  I  can diagnose your septic problem and suggest a solution.  Using reliable designs and quality materials to provide the most effective system.

                         No job is too small.

We are ready to handle your septic service.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment systems are great solutions for small lots, heavy soils and high water tables.  We are your treatment system specialiists.

Septic Repairs and Upgrades

Have a septic system issue? Not sure what to do?  Call our expert to solve your septic problem.

Conventional Septic System

Great solution for lots with  ample space, lighter soils and no water table issues.

We are a company that takes on one job at a time .  This way we can give your project 100% 0f our attention.  Together we can be proud to provide solutions that help protect nature.

Hire the people who care and handle the job properly.


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